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Identity Mockup
Haziran 3, 2019

New Brand Design

Take time to tell us why you’re special and we’ll help you tell the world. We build brands that convey your strengths, values and passions. We know how to turn your strategic choices of value, markets and attributes into crystal clear visual language.


Hipnoticart is your new unit. With this unit, you can improve your organizational structure. You can redesign and implement the strategies suitable for your marketing plan together. We are not a supplier. We are actually a part of you.

  • Strategy

    New Brand

  • Design

    Corporate Identity

  • Client


Open Project

Let’s collaborate

Got a project?

Naming & Messaging

What do you want to say? From naming your company to articulating your brand message, we work collaboratively with you to develop the perfect verbal identity for your brand.

Brand Guidelines

Consistency is key to your brand, therefore, having a tool that highlights logo specifications, typography, colour, iconography, photography and so on, is imperative to ensure that whoever has access to these elements can apply your brand assets correctly and consistently.

Brand Collateral

We can help amplify your brand by translating it into an infinite array of print and digital campaigns. From packaging design and printed literature to bespoke web design, we have the capabilities to create a multitude of assets that remain authentic to your brand.

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