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Event Presentation
Kasım 12, 2013

Event Presentation

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Turkcell CEO Süreyya Ciliv talked about the new world at the Turkcell Technology Summit,

Turkcell is organizing the third time this year, called the Technology Summit, at Haliç Congress Center between 12-13 November.

The event, which domestic and foreign Turkcell hosted many business partners, customers and users, is planning to host approximately 10,000 participants this year. Turkcell CEO Süreyya Ciliv made the opening speech of Turkcell Technology Summit 2013. Making a themed new world speaking Ciliv in 2013. The cause of this is doing many companies that go around and meetings all over the world are working to bring it Turkcell observing closely the vision of successful companies and said they want to add more value to Turkey.

He stated that companies in the New World put their customers in the focus and observed that companies that offer better customer satisfaction and develop their products / services in this direction have achieved success. He explained that smart phones have grown at a very fast pace especially in the last 3 years and have prevented computer sales, and with the mobile world, smart phones will be an indispensable factor in the future, but people will be more mobile, however, with the mobile infrastructure, cloud solutions and services, Turkcell will have a lot of duties. .

Onur Mumcu from McKinsey & Company, who made a short speech by inviting him to the stage during the speech of Süreyya Ciliv, said that they have made 10 technology researches that will transform the world in the future and these are: Mobile Internet, Automation of information-based works, Inter-machine communication, Cloud Technology, Advanced robot science, Autonomous / He said that semi-automatic vehicles, New generation genomics, Energy storage, Three-dimensional printers, Advanced materials, Advanced oil and gas exploration and recovery methods, Renewable energy..

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