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Ekim 15, 2015

CardSmart Bosphorus

Cardsmart Bosphorus hosted the world’s best finance gurus CardSmart Bosphorus brought together the best financial gurus Brett King and Robert Courtneidge with the Turkish financial sector this year.


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The CardSmart Bosphorus summit, organized by Cardtek since 2009, where innovative technologies in the payment world are shared, took place at the Steigenberger Maslak Istanbul Hotel. More than 800 representatives from 14 countries participated in the summit, which deals with the payment world of the future with the main theme of “Transactions of Future”. In the event, where smart payment systems and digital mobile based applications of the future are discussed, financial services integrated with innovative technologies, changing consumer behavior and online secure sales, payment transactions were discussed by the industry's leading names.

Cardtek Chairman of the Board Ayşe Nil Sarıgöllü, who made the opening speech of CardSmart Bosphorus, stated that the payment systems are shaped according to consumer behavior today.

“Plastic cards will come out of our lives in the next 10 years”

Speaking at the summit, finance guru and strategy consultant, one of Amazon's best-selling authors, futurist and creator of the downloadable bank account Moven application, which integrates mobile payments into the banking infrastructure and includes a "gamification" -based money management system, trends that will mark the next ten years, While examining the innovations and technologies, he shared the main problems that blocked the development process at the summit and gave important clues about the transformation in changing consumer behavior. King; He predicted that plastic cards will come out of our lives and payments will be made by smart phones in the next 10 years.

Another legendary name presenting at the CardSmart Bosphorus summit, the Founding Partner of Prepaid International Forum, the Chairman of the card payments, Robert Courtneidge, who has made his name in financial issues worldwide with his knowledge and experience in e-money, has radical changes, interactions and interactions that may affect the next 1000 years of the payment paradigm. shared the predictions. Stating that the change in payment systems can turn the usual order upside down, Courtneidge expressed his views on the potential effects that this change process may have on us and individuals and new trends that may arise.

This year, senior executives from Oracle, MasterCard, UITP, Gemalto, Locke Lord, Visa, NXP and Yapi Kredi made presentations at CardSmart Bosphorus.

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